The Tatra 613


The Tatra T613 was a large automobile with manufactured by Tatra in the 1970's. It replaces the Tatra T603 series. Tatra has 3.5l rearplaced aircooled engine. There is less than 10 000 pieces in the world. Combining with rear-wheel drive layout it was unique full-size automobile.


There was four main versions of 613. Tatra 613-1 was basic chrome model. Tatra 613-2 has low gas consumption and some interior details like head restraints. Tatra 613-3 has facelift, chrome parts was removed. In Tatra 613-4 interior and engine was improved.


There was serie called Tatra 613-S. It was special series produced during from 1980 to 1992. It has much more accessories like climatization, bar pult, second battery for statring engine, and other accessories.